Podcast Is Back!!

Chchchchchchcheck it out…

The original Coffee Fitness Unicorn podcast is back online at Anchor and Spotify for now. The other podcast players will be added as I gain listeners again.

Things will be a little different this go around as I said in the previous episodes.

I want this podcast to have a more interactive feel to it.

The first guest is a fitness journey friend and former coworker, Angela Yee. We were both learning about nutrition and training at about the same time. She had a head start but in general we were pretty much noobing around the gym, trying not to feel awkward, asking am I doing it right? and saying, “OMG! I’m so sore” at the same time.

We shared our food pics, meal tips, and both hired personal trainers.

We were both killing it and felt great during the process.

Then things changed drastically for both of us in different ways. I’ll let her tell her side of her story and we can talk with IG friends to allow them questions during that time.

As for me, I was starting to have really bad stomach aches toward the end of my fitness training with my Coach. I wasn’t sure if it was the protein powder, the sugar free substitute in all the products I was eating or something bigger. I had to eliminate each thing one by one daily to see who the culprit was. It took months to figure out that I had developed an egg allergy.

That sucked big time because I ate four egg whites and one hard boiled egg with avocado toast daily. It was great protein and super clean. I felt great with all that lean fuel coursing through me—until the stomach aches.

So I removed all egg products from my diet. That made breakfast a lot trickier. I started eating egg substitute but it just wasn’t the same. It was higher in calories, higher in carbs, and lower in protein. Also it could look and taste odd if it wasn’t cooked right 0-o

I had to get more creative with breakfast ideas. I started eating soy patties, turkey sausage, Beyond patties and steak. The soy caused stomach aches too, so I had to remove all eggs and soy and stick to real meat and Beyond products as they are non-soy. After trial and stomach errors I finally settled on grilled chicken tacos for breakfast and have been doing just fine.

I still can’t have Sucralose so finding a vegan protein powder and vegan BCAA powder are the new goals.

What food allergies, food struggles are you experiencing during your fitness journey?

Angela and her food, progress journey…