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Very First Coffee-Sexy Blog 01/01/2013

What’s a coffee-sexy?

Coffee-sexy is fun to say. Coffee-sexy is sexy coffee and yet so much more. Coffee-sexy can be visual. Coffee-sexy can be aromatic. Coffee-sexy can dance with your taste-buds. Coffee-sexy can be the sound of grinding beans, the sound of frothing, the delightful cacophony of sight and smell–taste.

Coffee-sexy is for those that understand good coffee–no, great coffee needs to have musicals written about it, songs and dances in undulating praise for it.

Coffee-sexy is a desire, a passion, a love for coffee that becomes a relationship without being weird or freaky. Think of a coffee-sexy like a sommelier only less snooty and with more tattoos. Coffee-sexy can be a person who loves coffee. Coffee-sexy can be a photo, kind of like coffee porn, but not actual porn that would be really weird and freaky. Forget the coffee porn that can get way too freaky. Coffee-sexy is not coffee porn. Coffee-porn is a topic for another blog, I digress.

Coffee-sexy is a moment of happiness in a mug.

Coffee-sexy is for those who love the taste, the smell, the machines that make the coffee that taste and smell so amazing. Coffee-sexy is what the coffee says to you just before you take a sip. Coffee-sexy is how you feel after the earthy elixir hits your taste-buds. Your heart skips a beat because the taste and the smell have become an overwhelming sensation of coffee-adoration. Mind you the coffee-sexy sensation only happens to people whose blood-type is Arabica. Not Robusta. Those with Robusta in their veins do not get a coffee-sexy sensation.

So how does one know if one is in the Arabica Blood-Club?

Think back to that first cup of coffee you had…

What was your reaction?
How did it taste?
Did you like it?!

Were you disgusted!? Was it thick and chewy? Was it old and burnt?

Were you brave enough to try it again after the initial shock? If you were so bold to go back for more, but raise your standards a bit then yes, you my friend are in the ABC.

Here is how I discovered the secret of my blood-type. For two years (ages 16 to 18, if you must know) I drank coffee. Nothing fancy, old skool, cup-a-joe stuff. It was perfunctory. It lacked sexiness.

Then when I was 18, I went to Europe. Mind-blown by the bean!

Espresso! Cappuccino! Latte!

I had discovered coffee-sexy!

My very first Coffee-Sexy , Thailand 2012