Who is Coffeefitnessunicorn? I am a goofball who loves coffee and sharing stories while consuming copious amounts of coffee.

My favorite coffee drink is a cappuccino; I was a 16 when I fell in love with this delicious liquid and have been hooked on this balanced espresso beverage ever since. I have had great capps and horrible capps around the world.

But there are two amazing cappuccinos I would like to share with you. The first one was in St. Marc’s Square in Venice when I was there in 1988 and the second was at Heartsleeves Coffee in Little Italy in 2018. There’s 30 years and a whole lot of coffee between those two cappuccinos.

I’d love to hear about your coffee adventures. Tell me who you are and let’s spin some tales while we share a mug of bean-juice.


My website and blogs are meant to be silly and entertaining, but mostly I hope that we connect. I got my MA in double literature because I feel that we connect with each other through stories. Telling stories while drinking coffee feels very comforting and relaxing.

My hope, my mission is that you’ll stay, read and share these tales.
Thank you for visiting my new website and blog.

It took me three years to build up the courage to put my words out there. I was unfamiliar with websites and blog sites so this was my first website/blog: https://coffee-musings.myfreesites.net
And this is my spooky page: https://spooky-musingscom.myfreesites.net
Still trying to link all of these blogs. Sorry for all the link bouncing, but until I become more tech-savvy this is how I can connect all my writing.

Spooky-Musings has a new tab at the top now.

Grab a coffee, we’ve got some stories to share.

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