Best Podcast Episode of 2022 ;-)

Robert Ottone: Horror Writer, Word Nerd, and Nicest New Yorker Coffee Musings with your host: CoffeeFitnessUnicorn

Meet Robert Ottone, the nicest New Yorker. I had the pleasure of chatting with Robert about favorite words, horror as catharsis, and so much more. See links for his projects and books. Kickstarter: Podcast:  Spooky House Press: Robert's books: — Support this podcast:
  1. Robert Ottone: Horror Writer, Word Nerd, and Nicest New Yorker
  2. Clare Morrow IFBB Pro, Fabulous at 50
  3. That’s a wrap…last episode of 2021.
  4. Coffee, Fitness, and Unicorning
  5. Meet Angela my fitness friend.

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Here’s a little teaser of the video chat I had with Clare. Check out the podcast to learn more about this badass!!

Coffee and Mug Color

Black mug or white mug?

According to an article published in 2014 the color of your coffee mug had an influence over the taste of the coffee.

The article states that because we “eat with our eyes first” the coffee in white mugs tastes better because the richness of the coffee is enhanced by the contrasting color. People who drank the exact same coffee in the black mugs claimed the coffee tasted bitter.

I chose to do a little experiment for myself this morning.

I had the exact same coffee in three different mugs, to up the ante so to speak. The coffee had the exact same yummy taste in all three mugs. It could be that I didn’t do a blind taste test, however, I mostly wanted to see if since I “eat with my eyes first” if there was any significance to the coffee looking bitter in the black mug or the two-tone mug. Nope. The coffee looked delicious in all three mugs. Also, I take my coffee with cream and sugar so it looks appealing in the black mugs as well in the white and two-tone mugs. That could enhance the “flavor” in all mugs.

For me, coffee is an experience and it’s all about the mug not the color. I have certain moods for certain mugs. I’ve learned over the years what coffee origin I like, what roast I like and what coffee maker I like so the coffee, for the most part, is very consistent and the flavor is as well.

What changes are my moods and what mug I want to use depending on mood.

Someday I think it would be cool to be in a coffee study so until then, I’ll continue to drink my yummy coffee from any color mug that fits my mood and I am sure it will not taste bitter.