Coffee Mugs are Perfect.

Coffee mugs have traveled with me around the world and I have traveled back with mugs from those exotic places so I can savor the memories while enjoying my favorite beverage in those magical containers.

If you have ever been a guest, I probably served you a drink of some sort in a coffee mug, be it wine, whiskey, soda, or of course coffee.

I may not have much, but I will always have coffee and coffee mugs. When I was overseas in the Air Force the only kitchen items I had were a: mini coffee maker, mini espresso maker, plate, bowl, and coffee mug. It was all I needed and I never thought about buying anything else. I had everything my little coffee-loving heart needed, why be superfluous with my purchases?

I have pretty much always been utilitarian with things and the coffee mug is the perfect utility drinking tool for me.

Coffee mugs are very multifaceted and depending on the size, it can fit a plethora of uses. I’m sure I’ve even used one as a vase for fresh flowers at sometime.

Many times I’ve used a coffee mug as a pen holder. See image below. I usually use an Alumni mug for pens to remind me how far I’ve come. In the case below, we had just moved and I wanted a little reminder of a friend so I used the mug she gave me <3.

Using a coffee mug as a toothbrush holder was a first for me and I am sure it won’t be the last example of the ever multi-purposeful coffee mugs.

When you move and your household items are two weeks behind you, you get creative with coffee mugs and toothbrush holders.

I’d love to hear that I am not the only one who does such things with coffee mugs.

Do you have any creative coffee mug uses to share? Tell me in the comments below…

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  1. I LOVE utilizing mugs for organizing, into groups, all my disorganized items. Don’t get rid of precious mugs! Give them a purpose! Instead of a colored pencil holder, now my 1989 Laurel Burch “Sea Goddess” mug serves up my espresso roast coffee, that has been heated, pressed, filtered, blended, poured and savored in sips. Pure-fect!!!

  2. Coffee mugs are the best! (And I love that kraken mug — yes, be a kraken if you can). I use old, chipped mugs as pen holders. I hate throwing them out unless they are broken beyond repair. Fun fact: if you break one but can glue it back together, highlight the cracks with gold paint and you have kintsugi, where in an object is even more beautiful *because* of its flaws!

    I also use mugs when I drink tea. Those dainty tea cups sure are cute but give me a good mug with a cool pattern or phrase any day.

    • I am so happy to know that I am not alone in repurposing old mugs, yay!!

      Kintsugi is one of my favorite words and things because that is how I felt after putting the pieces of my heart back together after losing Ness. I almost got a beautiful kintsugi tattoo of of an anatomical heart sealed with gold. It’s a dying art in Japan but hopefully it will continue to thrive with younger generations otherwise I’ll need to open my side-hustle of kintsugi art 😉

  3. Love your writing!! I have so many mugs, and they all have a special meaning to me. When a mug gets old and cracked, I still can’t bear to part with it… that’s when it end up holding pens, pencils, flowers or bits of forgotten junk.

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