The Great Coffee Spill of 2020

Has this ever happened to you?

I try really hard not to make a mess in the microwave and I especially don’t like to waste my coffee, so when this happened I was particularly sad.

Being this was a silly and sad situation, I decided to send the image to Scott Gordon Patterson, aka, Luke Danes of Gilmore Girls.

I had no idea he would see the message, let alone write me back and ask me a question.

He totally made my day and, of course, I took screenshots!! How could I not?!

Drinking coffee from my Luke’s mug brings me a lot of joy. And having “Luke” talk to me about coffee was definitely a cool memory.

I even made my first snow coffee video with the Luke’s mug, (, and yes, I sent the video to him too. He didn’t share or respond to the story/video which is fine. He did, however, respond when I entered his Dress Like Luke Halloween Costume Contest. I didn’t win and that’s okay too.

Someday, I’ll get around to trying his coffee and I’ll use the Luke’s mug when I do, and yes, I will send a picture to him. Hopefully, he responds.

Until then, I’ll just keeping making happy memories with coffee and my Luke’s mug all the while trying not to repeat the great coffee spill of 2020.

8 thoughts on “The Great Coffee Spill of 2020

  1. Well I didn’t do exactly what you did to my coffee but…I did learn to not froth milk before heating in the microwave. Same kinda mess!
    (I did try that with dog food…heat 60 seconds, let set 15 minutes to soften. I microwaved for 15 minutes. The individual kibbles in water turned into one big pancake! 😮 )

  2. Ah, yes . . . the infamous coffee volcano. I made the mistake once of microwaving my coffee at full power for more than thirty-five seconds (I accidentally did something like fifty or fifty-five). I had the lovely treat of turning *just* before the eruption and got to watch the rise, burp, and splash like a slow motion horror film.

  3. Oops, posted too soon (it’s been a very long day). I meant to add how cool that you got to talk to “Luke” about coffee! Keep us updated on his coffee!

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