Month: February 2021

  • Tasseography: Coffee Reading

    The first time I learned about coffee reading was at my parents’ favorite Greek restaurant; I was about 13. I thought it was the coolest thing–I was a kid and I got to drink coffee and have my fortune told! What could be better than that?! Little did I know there is a whole ritual that goes into Tasseography. [Tasseography (also known as tasseomancy or tassology) is […]

  • How You Take Your Coffee is How You Like Your Sex

    Or so I was told by a coworker. Let me take you back to when I learned this theory.  I was working and going to school full time so I was reading/studying on my break. Seating was limited so people shared tables. A group found me and asked to join. We became friends over time […]

  • Why I Can Never Get a Coffee Tattoo

    I love coffee and I have several tattoos, but I can never get a coffee tattoo. The reason I can never get a coffee tattoo is that means it’s the end of our relationship. Coffee has been with me since I was 16. I’ve had many coffees around the world and connecting with people was […]