#snowcoffee, it’s really a thing

#snowcoffee is really a thing and it’s fun. I made my first #snowcoffee video today after moving to snowy Colorado last week.

Many people have been asking us why we moved to Colorado. It is a simple answer: Orange County isn’t the easiest place to retire. And when I say retire, I mean find that something new that I haven’t done or tried before.

Retirement for me, means not letting my dreams die and not letting the fear of something new stop me. I call it “eating my dream.” I have a separate blog that is forthcoming on that subject.

Let me get back to #snowcoffee and Colorado.


As some of you might or might not know, I am a widow and I have recovered nicely from my loss thanks to the amazing and generous heart that is Brandi. She keeps me laughing and challenges me; I learn new things about her and myself and I realize I can do anything given the right opportunity.

I’m not going to lie, there is fear that creeps in and stops me at times. But I also have some amazing people in my life to guide and support me. I am following in big footsteps and it doesn’t seem so daunting in retrospect. Many people pick up and move to new places all the time. It shouldn’t seem that scary when you think about it. Make a plan and execute.

Colorado seemed like the perfect place to start a new life with my new love. We both needed a fresh start. The cold, crisp air, and snow-capped mountains in a small, charming town seemed like the perfect place to build our new lives together.

So here we are playing in the snow and making #snowcoffee.


5 thoughts on “#snowcoffee, it’s really a thing

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