Why CoffeeFitnessUnicorn?

How and why am I calling myself CoffeeFitnessUnicorn?

It started very simply from a few elements 2 years ago.

I hired a personal trainer over Thanksgiving weekend in 2017. I told her when she accepted me that I would be her best client; I told her this not as a conceited person, but because I knew my work ethic and discipline would impress her. At that time, I was establishing myself as her unicorn client.

As I began learning the fitness ways, I realized my love of coffee was very useful. I was rewarded my soy cappuccinos on cheat day. However, what made my daily coffee intake pleasurable was having coffee before jumping on the treadmill at 4am. Fasted cardio had a whole new meaning. It did get to a point where I had to start drinking my coffee after I finished my cardio. Then my hunger kicked in and I started drinking coffee-protein shakes after fasted cardio.

Coffee and fitness were perfectly balanced. My Coach was happy with me and my progress so much so that I asked to increase the training. I wanted more of a challenge. You said, “be careful what you ask for.” To which I responded, “bring it—Wait, did I just fuck myself?”

So began, the next phase of training; I was kind of awkward being filmed, but learned that my fitness journey could help others and started getting comfortable with videos and talking about  my fitness experience.

I knew that my health and fitness path was not unique, however, I knew I had a unique look and attitude, thus: Coffee, Fitness, Unicorn. I became coffeefitnessunicorn. It was something that could be branded and remembered.

I had a coffee mug with a coffee, dumbbell, and unicorn emoji. I used it in my videos and photos. I started getting feedback from people that they loved my mug and when I went places, people were able to recall who I was by my hair and Instagram handle.

CoffeeFitnessUnicorn was born. Even though I am not in my crazy training phase right now, my coffee love and respect for fitness has not waned. Once a unicorn, always a unicorn.



8 thoughts on “Why CoffeeFitnessUnicorn?

  1. So happy you have shared this journey with us. I like coffee and unicorns. Exercise not so much😂. But personal challenges, I am up for!!
    Your dedication and commitment, and strength of character (and great writing skills) is what drew me to you in the first place. And, I am sure many, many more people besides me!

    • Awe. Thank you Gail. I loved working with you and loved talking about books and such.
      Right now I’m coffee-eating-unicorn. Haven’t really trained much lately. I bulked up a bit because I got too small. Now I can cut 💪🏻.

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