Why CoffeeFitnessUnicorn?

How and why am I calling myself CoffeeFitnessUnicorn?

It started very simply from a few elements 2 years ago.

I hired a personal trainer over Thanksgiving weekend in 2017. I told her when she accepted me that I would be her best client; I told her this not as a conceited person, but because I knew my work ethic and discipline would impress her. At that time, I was establishing myself as her unicorn client.

As I began learning the fitness ways, I realized my love of coffee was very useful. I was rewarded my soy cappuccinos on cheat day. However, what made my daily coffee intake pleasurable was having coffee before jumping on the treadmill at 4am. Fasted cardio had a whole new meaning. It did get to a point where I had to start drinking my coffee after I finished my cardio. Then my hunger kicked in and I started drinking coffee-protein shakes after fasted cardio.

Coffee and fitness were perfectly balanced. My Coach was happy with me and my progress so much so that I asked to increase the training. I wanted more of a challenge. You said, “be careful what you ask for.” To which I responded, “bring it—Wait, did I just fuck myself?”

So began, the next phase of training; I was kind of awkward being filmed, but learned that my fitness journey could help others and started getting comfortable with videos and talking about  my fitness experience.

I knew that my health and fitness path was not unique, however, I knew I had a unique look and attitude, thus: Coffee, Fitness, Unicorn. I became coffeefitnessunicorn. It was something that could be branded and remembered.

I had a coffee mug with a coffee, dumbbell, and unicorn emoji. I used it in my videos and photos. I started getting feedback from people that they loved my mug and when I went places, people were able to recall who I was by my hair and Instagram handle.

CoffeeFitnessUnicorn was born. Even though I am not in my crazy training phase right now, my coffee love and respect for fitness has not waned. Once a unicorn, always a unicorn.



How Many Coffee Makers Does a Person Need?

Is 8 coffee makers too many?

That’s how many coffee brewing devices I have in my house.

Why do I have that many and how did I get to have that many?

I’ll explain why and how I got them.

Let’s begin with a timeless classic: Moka Pot.


This was a housewarming gift that has been on the stove since I got it in 2014.

I didn’t use it often as I did not always have espresso or fine ground coffee in the house, but this brown beast is a classic and can handle the zombie apocalypse.



My daily coffee pot has always been an automatic drip maker. When I was in the Air Force I had a 4 cup maker now that I have a house I have a 12 cup maker.IMG_2089

It is important to serve coffee to all my coffee loving friends at the same time if need be.

My Mr. Coffee Maker is currently in the cabinet as back up.

You never know when you will need a big ass coffee maker.


At present the current coffee maker on the kitchen counter is a Bialetti side by side. It is an 8 cup automatic drip and espresso maker with steam wand. IMG_2088

This is the current daily coffee machine and it is the perfect maker for the both of us. It has the espresso side so my barista-babe can make me unlimited soy cappuccinos at home. The automatic drip side is where I can make a perfect cup for us.

A while back my former boss let me borrow his French Press when he got me 6 half pound bags of coffee. This was a great present and I couldn’t have been more surprised and touched by such a sweet and thoughtful gift. This classic maker is also in the pantry waiting to be used again when the time is right. This is the fifth coffee maker in the house.


The 6th maker is a mini automatic drip machine that I used to sit on my desk at work when I decided I didn’t want a Keurig maker at my desk.

The funny thing is I had both the mini pot and the mini Keurig makers on my desk.

I have to admit, even this seemed excessive for me.



In the garage is where I keep the fancy grinder and brewer in one. It’s still in the original box and was only used three times. Why is machine number 7 in there? Well this was gift I got for myself from Macy’s as a reward for buying a big ass bed. They gave me a $200 gift card and this is what I bought. The issue is that it is too big for my counter by like half an inch. I want to sell it or keep it in case my next place has more/open img_2085.jpgcounter space because this thing is beautiful. It’s all stainless steel and super sleek looking. And technically I didn’t buy it so getting rid of it just seems uncool.

Coffee maker number 8 was also a gift. It was from my coworkers who wanted me to try Vietnamese coffee the right way. So they got me Vietnamese coffee, condensed milk and a pour over coffee maker designed especially for Vietnamese coffee.

So apparently I like to buy and collect coffee makers that I have bought for myself and keep as gifts from friends. The only coffee maker I don’t have is a classic Percolator. One day I will add one to coffee making collection, but now, I’ll live with  my current collection.

What are your thoughts. Do you think having 8 coffee makers is excessive?

Should I sell/part with/donate at least five of them? How many should I keep?